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We hope you are walking out of our doors feeling like the most powerful woman in the world! Now let's talk about how to care for your investment to keep those "feel good" vibes alive. 


+ Before showering, hold your hair with your hand and brush from the   bottom up to remove tangles. 
+ Use the sulfate free shampoo and conditioner recommended by your artist. We can't guarantee our work if we don't know what you are using.
+ Gently shampoo all of your hair. (Don't forget to get in between your rows). We recommend two shampoos.
+ Please refrain from vigorously scrubbing.
+ After rinsing, wring the hair out and apply the deep conditioner recommended by your artist. 
+ Rinse well and wrap in a super absorbent turban or towel.


+ We recommend brushing before showering, and before bedtime. 
+ Using a Wet Brush, work your way from the ends up. Support your hair by either holding it in a ponytail, or holding the top of the weft with the opposite hand.
+ Before blow drying, use the heat protectant or leave in recommended by your stylist. 
+ When blow drying, clip all your rows up leaving just the natural hair out. Brush and dry.
Next, drop your bottom row. Brush and blow dry.
Next, drop the row above that. Brush and blow dry. 
The idea is to end with the natural hair on top. Brush and blow dry that last. 
+ Please use your hands and fingers only until your hair is 90% dry. At that point you may bring in your brushes. 
+ If you like, as you dry each row, shut the blow dryer off and curl the row before blow drying the next one.
+ We highly recommend investing in the blow dryers we use at the salon, Gama IQ Perfetto. We offer a 10% discount on these dryers the day of your first install! Please ask your artist about the benefits.


+ Brush before bed and always go to sleep with dry hair. 
+ Put your hair in one or two loose braids and secure before bed.
+ Always sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase.
+ Some sunscreens contain AVOBENZONE. Products containing AVOBENZONE will turn blond extensions pink. This discoloration is a chemical reaction and cannot be reversed. We recommend Bare Republic brand sunscreen for use anywhere your extensions may touch. Please double check the ingredients as not all Bare Republic sunscreens are AVOBENZONE free.
+ If swimming, we recommend wetting your hair down, slicking a mask through the ends, and braiding it. When you get back to your room, rinse and blow dry. 
+ Allowing your hair to air dry will RUIN your hand tied wefts. If you workout, make sure you run a blow dryer through your hair afterwards in order to protect your wefts.

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